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Alpha Boost Capped Growth: Indices - Series 10B/2010

Offer closed

Two investment opportunities offering a maturity price exposed to the performance of either the S&P/ASX 200 Index or the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index.

Important information You can only invest through an approved advisor.
Issuer Deutsche Managed Investments Limited (DMIL)
ABN 55 118 336 584
AFSL 330531
Offer opened 3 November 2010
Offer closed 26 November 2010
Issue date 6 December 2010
Call level (Series 10B) 110%
Maturity Three years after the issue date, 6 December 2013
Minimum investment 5,000 certificates in either Series A or Series B (and in multiples of 1,000 certificates above that amount)
Investment type The certificates are deferred purchase agreements, which are securities under chapter 7 of the Corporations Act.


Offer close extended (24-Nov-2010)

On page 4 of the combined product disclosure statement and financial services guide dated 29 October 2010 the date the offer closes is 24 November 2010. DMIL has extended the date the offer closes to 26 November 2010 and the corresponding date changes in the Offer Summary - Timeline on page 4 are:

  • Offer closes: Replace "5pm, 24 November 2010" with "5pm, 26 November 2010"
  • Application payment: Replace "5pm, 26 November 2010" with "5pm, 30 November 2010"

dbaccess certificates

For reference only. Offer closed 26 November 2010.

Product disclosure statement

You should read the combined product disclosure statement and financial services guide before investing or continuing to hold dbaccess certificates.

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