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Income: Australian shares - Series 4A/2011

Latest valuation

  Certificate valuation
31 January 2013 $0.5832

Historical valuations

  Certificate valuation
31 December 2012 $0.5417
30 November 2012 $0.5629
31 October 2012 $0.5352
28 September 2012 $0.4853
31 August 2012 $0.4118
31 July 2012 $0.3504
29 June 2012 $0.3917
31 May 2012 $0.4506
30 April 2012 $0.5135
30 March 2012 $0.5283
29 February 2012 $0.5618
31 January 2012 $0.5491
30 December 2011 $0.5418
30 November 2011 $0.5307
31 October 2011 $0.7927
30 September 2011 $0.7133
31 August 2011 $0.7899
5 August 2011 $1.00 (initial issue)
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Important Information

Indicative withdrawal price and valuations

The indicative withdrawal price indicates what we might pay you if we accepted your withdrawal on the relevant pricing date. The actual price that you receive may vary from this indicative price at our discretion.

The valuations are our mid-market estimate of what the certificates are worth on the valuation date. The valuations aren't an indication of the price you'd receive if you withdraw or we terminate the certificates early. The valuations do not take into account the costs of unwinding hedges or other break costs and taxes that we may charge or incur from time to time in relation to the certificates or any action taken in respect of the certificates.

Withdrawals are subject to the terms and conditions in the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) or information memorandum (IM). Under the PDS or IM, we have discretion in accepting withdrawals and calculating the withdrawal price. By publishing the indicative withdrawal price and valuations, we aren't indicating that we'll accept your withdrawal or pay you the indicative withdrawal price.


Deutsche Managed Investments Limited (DMIL) (ABN 55 118 336 584, AFSL 330531) prepared the indicative withdrawal prices and valuations. While we believe the information contained in this section of the website to be reliable, we're not giving you a guarantee (express or implied) that it's accurate or complete. DMIL and its related bodies corporate aren't liable to you for any errors or omissions in the withdrawal price or valuation calculation or the preparation of this section of the website. It accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising out of the use by you or any other person of the information contained in this section of this website.

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